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Modern Patio

5 Contemporary Patio Ideas for Your Garden

Mix Up Materials Gone are the days of uniformity. Embrace the trend of mixing materials to create a visually exciting garden patio. Consider combining natural stone with decking or stabilised grav...
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Garden Landscape

Beat the Heat: Your Guide to Summer Lawn Maintenance

Summer is upon us, and with it comes the challenge of looking after your lawn amid the soaring temperatures. This season presents a unique set of challenges for homeowners in the UK, from managing ...
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Small Front Gardens

Creative Ideas for Small Front Gardens: Maximising Space and Style

A visually stunning front garden doesn't require a vast expanse of space. With just a little creativity and thoughtful planning, even the most compact spaces can be transformed into beautiful and w...
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Haywood Team

Haywood Landscapes is now Employee Owned!

We are delighted to announce that Haywood Landscapes is now an Employee Owned Business. From our foundation built by Andy and Rob Wiggins 34 years ago, we have been designing and building beautifu...
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Outdoor Kitchen

The Al-fresco Allure: Is Creating an Outdoor Kitchen Worth It?

In the UK, where the weather can be unpredictable, making the most of our gardens during the warmer months is a top priority for many homeowners. A popular garden trend that has been gaining moment...
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Haywood Landscapes Passes Its Annual Inspection

Haywood Landscapes Passes Its Annual Inspection by The Association of Professional Landscapers

We recently passed our annual inspection by The Association of Professional Landscapers (APL), reaffirming our status as a reputable and professional business within the landscaping industry. The ...
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Artificial Grass: Beauty or Beast?

Striking green weed-free lawns are popping up everywhere. How can this be? Well, it’s because they are artificial and becoming increasingly popular. The practice of replacing natural laws with ’fa...
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Our Forecast for Chelsea Flower Show 2024

As we eagerly await the 2024 Chelsea Flower Show, anticipation is high for the ground-breaking designs and talent that will be on display. From sustainability to climate resilience and wellness, we...
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Wet garden ideas for new homes

Garden Drainage Solutions for New Homes

Weather patterns are becoming increasingly more extreme, causing excessively damp conditions in our gardens and posing a particular problem for new-build homes.  Discover why and some effecti...
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spring garden preparation by Haywood Landscapes

Planning for Spring: Preparing Your Garden for the Upcoming Season

As the chill of winter begins to fade, it's time to look forward to the vibrant renewal of spring – which for many of us, means rolling up our sleeves and preparing our outdoor spaces for the bloss...
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Garden landscape after restoration by Haywood Landscapes

How to Revive a Forgotten Garden

Over time, our gardens usually gain their charm, but when faced with the combination of a brutal winter, a scorching summer and the general day-to-day busyness of our lives, they can easily go the ...
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Paving Patio by Haywood Landscapes

Paving vs. Decking: Which Is Best?

Why Choose Paving? There is a bewildering array of paving materials available for your patio installation including traditional style natural stone, clean and contemporary porcelain or as an altern...
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Landscaping Predictions by Haywood Landscapes

2024 Landscaping Predictions: 5 Trends to Watch

As we approach 2024, the world of landscaping continues to evolve with innovative trends that promise to transform your outdoor spaces. From enchanting gothic gardens to more environmentally consci...
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New Build Garden by Haywood Landscapes

Unlocking the Potential: Breathe Life Into Your New Build Garden

Designing a garden for a new build property presents several challenges. The space will often be devoid of any features or character and the building may be one among a number of similar homes if o...
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Natural Stone for garden design by Haywood Landscapes

Why Choose Natural Stone for Your Garden Design Project?

When starting a new garden design project, choosing the right hardscaping materials can be a daunting task… especially with how many shiny new options there are out there. At Haywood Landscapes, o...
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Winter Garden Care by Haywood Landscapes

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Garden Through Winter

It can be tempting to pull the curtains on your garden and hibernate as winter approaches, but here are five things you can do now to keep your garden well and add winter appeal. Plants With milder...
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Pet-Safe Garden

A Pet's Paradise: Creating a Beautiful, Pet-Safe Garden

If you're a proud pet owner (or owner-to-be) and a garden enthusiast, you might be stuck wondering how to strike the balance between a beautiful, yet practical garden. It’s a common dilemma many pe...
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 Garden Colour Scheme by Haywood Landscapes

How Do I Create a Harmonious Colour Scheme for My Garden?

The Palette When you visit a garden centre, it's like entering a sweet shop. Whilst the vibrant array of colours can make it tempting to pick up a little of everything, it’s important to consider t...
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 Winter garden

Can I Get a New Garden Design and Build During the Winter?

When it comes to garden design, many people assume that winter is a time to hibernate and put plans on hold. However, getting a new garden design and build during the colder months is not only poss...
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High Screen Garden

4 Amazing Small Front Garden Designs

Many households now have two, three or even more cars, as more youngsters live at home with mum and dad for longer. This has led to the paving over of many small front gardens making them bleak, un...
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small garden design by Haywood Landscapes

10 Alternatives to a Garden Lawn – to Reduce Maintenance and Water Use

We cannot ignore changes in our climate and the impact this is having on the landscapes we live in - and the resources we have access to. People are keen to protect and enjoy their outside space, b...
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 Eco-Friendly Garden design by Haywood Landscapes

6 Innovative and Upcoming Garden Trends

Summer months are exciting times for garden enthusiasts, with parties, outdoor living and Open Gardens schemes showcasing the fruits of gardening labour throughout Kent. So which landscaping trend...
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Garden design and build in Kent

7 Questions To Ask Before Choosing a Garden Designer

As a result of changing climate and lifestyles our gardens have become central to our home environment and for many, the working environment too. A good garden designer and landscaper will help you...
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patio installation

How Much Does It Cost For a Patio Installation?

The Paving slabs There are a number of factors that affect the investment needed to create a great patio feature. Let’s start with the paving slabs. Low-price paving slabs Riven sandstone and l...
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Creative garden designs for slopes and levels

Challenging Gardens: Setting the scene for a sloping garden

A good garden designer will not be put off by the complications of multi-level, sloping gardens. Andy and the Haywood Landscapes team regularly roll up their sleeves and rise to the challenges of a...
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Wildlife garden design and build

Wildlife gardens: Blending nature with structure in garden design

A wildlife garden need not be a “wild garden”, one that is let loose without control or boundary. Blending nature with a formal garden design and build can be just as effective in encouraging butte...
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Festoon garden lighting

Lighting Your Landscapes: A Warm Glow As The Nights Draw In

Making the most of your garden means extending the joy it brings you well into the evening as natural light fades. One of the elements your professional garden designer and landscaper will ask you ...
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Perfect garden for entertaining

Outdoor Living: Making Your Garden Work For You

Home. Not only is it where the heart is, it’s where we’ve all been languishing more than we had possibly expected for the last 18 months! Even prior to the pandemic, the value of our outdoor livi...
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Haywood Landscapes talking to the homeowner

Creating the perfect garden: Your 6-point Design and Build Journey

Creating the perfect garden: Your 6-point Design and Build Journey Creating the perfect garden is a really exciting prospect, extending and maximising the potential of your outdoor space. But whe...
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Small Spaces For Outdoor Living

Small Spaces For Outdoor Living

Discover our ideas for outdoor living in small spaces. If you are struggling with a small garden, we have the solutions for outdoor living and would be delighted to help. Drop us an ema...
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