After - Dry access in winter, water is evoked by 'black' pebbles in summer.

Before - Waterlogged every winter

A natural pond dug in the wettest area

Arum and Astilbe are selected for wet winter conditions

Grasses associate well with water.

Form and colour contrasts

A serpentine path provides a clean dry route across the lawn

Vibrant Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty'

Planting softens the strong lines of the boardwalk

A Creative Drainage Solution

We were asked to specify and quote for the installation of a land drainage system for a large garden that routinely flooded in the winter. The soil was deep, heavy clay in a flat low-lying area with nowhere to drain to. We proposed a more creative solution:

Identifying the wettest areas, we excavated a stream-bed and pond basin and set a raised timber deck boardwalk across it. In the winter it now fills naturally, drawing water off the surrounding surfaces. The water circulates along the stream via a submersible pump which can divert any surplus to the main drain if necessary.

We dressed the area with ‘black’ pebbles to create a simulated stream in summer when it dried out. For the planting design a palette of plants was chosen that would suit the setting with moisture loving plants close to the pond and stream bed.

High quality treated timber with a 25-year guarantee was used to ensure the decking boardwalk would be durable in this wet environment

The wider garden area was also wet and the lawn ‘spongey’ with moss due to the bad drainage. We improved the soil, laid a new lawn complete with a serpentine stepping stone path for clean dry winter access to other parts of the garden.

This was definitely a case of working with nature rather than trying to fight it!



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